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Sam’s Writings

Sam liked to write about the research work he was involved with in Colombia, and so we’ve decided to share some of his work here.

For more information about his study, for which he received various awards, you can download his dissertation here :- 

´Not as my Neighbor´: How Misinformed Narratives Surrounding the FARC are Hindering the Social Reintegration of its Demobilizing Combatants

With the current group-demobilization of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-FARC, this study offers a timely exploration on the relationship between how the guerrilla group and its members are viewed and their capacity to return to society as civilians. Through a Grounded Theory qualitative approach based on interviews and … read more

Combatiendo estigmas, mitos y desinformación para lograr una paz duradera (Publicada en “The Bogota Post“, December 2016).
by S Gibson y Sam Ling Gibson

El mes pasado, Colombia ratificó un histórico tratado de paz para acabar con el conflicto Colombiano, pero para los soldados de las FARC, la lucha para lograr la reintegración apenas comienza.

Retos para la paz en Colombia – Octubre 2016, de “The City Paper, Bogotá“.

Después de solo una semana de haber sido firmado el Tratado de Paz en Colombia y luego de estar en negociaciones los últimos cuatro años el grupo insurgente de las FARC y el gobierno, el mismo se encuentra atravesando un periodo de agitación. La apuesta del presidente Juan Manuel Santos de llevar la propuesta acordada a decision del publico por medio de plebiscito el pasado 2 de octubre de 2016 fracasó brutalmente con una sorpresiva derrota del 52.2% votando por el no, contra 49.8% votando por el si.

The importance of ‘prenegotiation’ within peace processes following protracted conflict.

This paper critically analyses the attributes and merits of the ‘prenegotiation’ phase within the dynamic wider peace process. I use the completed El Salvadorian and the present Colombian processes as a comparative framework, to argue that without this initial stage, the subsequent ‘negotiation’ and ‘implementation’ stages of arbitration will transpire with a diminished efficacy and ultimately a lesser likelihood of achieving a meaningful and long-term sustainable peace, or at worse would simply not take place at all.

Colombian victims: ‘It is peace, not conflict that is the real challenge’
By Bogota Post, October 11, 2016

Colombian victims: ‘It is peace, not conflict that is the real challenge’

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